A First

Radial Compressor Design and Optimization 2021

Date: Feb. 8, 2021 - Feb. 12, 2021
Location: von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 72 Waterloosesteenweg Sint-Genesius-Rode, 1640, Belgique
Contact: secretariat@vki.ac.be
Phone: +3223599604

A Third
A Third

This short course is the regular course on radial compressors thought at VKI to the turbomachinery students specializing in compressors in the context of the “Research Master in Fluid Dynamics”. It provides an overview of the present knowledge and flow models and intends to provide a good background for the people interested in the aerodynamic design of radial compressors. This 5 day course is now made available to a limited number of people from outside VKI. Lectures and exercises are given by Prof. R.A. Van den Braembussche and Prof. T. Verstraete.

The lecture series is foreseen as a regular on-site event. In case the continuously evolving situation does not allow for this,  a fully equivalent virtual meeting will be organized.

Courses start everyday at 8h45 and finish at 17h00 (at 15h on Friday).

Applications and achievable efficiency

Diabatic flows and influence of gas characteristics

Reynolds number effect and scaling

Transformation of energy in radial impellers and performance maps

Inlet guide vanes and inducer geometry

Three dimensional flow in impellers and performance prediction

  • Blade loading
  • Two zone modeling
  • Slip factor
  • Disk friction
  • Secondary flows (mechanisms and control)

Vaneless and vaned diffusers

Inlet volutes

Flow and loss mechanisms in outlet volutes

Impeller response to outlet distortion

Stability and range:

  • Rotating stall (types and control)
  • Surge (physics, models and control)
  • Active surge control

How to avoid surge and stall

Design and optimization techniques

Design exercise using VKI software

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    Radial Compressor Design and Optimization 2021

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