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Industrially Oriented Jet Noise Reduction Technologies

Date: Dec. 1, 2021 - Dec. 3, 2021
Location: von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 72 Waterloosesteenweg Sint-Genesius-Rode, 1640, Belgique
Contact: secretariat@vki.ac.be
Phone: +3223599604

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A Third

Conference objectives

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact of noise caused by aircraft during take-off, the prediction and mitigation of jet-airframe interaction noise sources remains a significant challenge for integrated propulsion-airframe architectures. The ambition of the DJINN (Decrease Jet Installation Noise) project is therefore to develop a new generation of reliable computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods, most of them belonging to the field of hybrid methods, for assessing promising noise-reduction technologies, with support and validation from reduced-scale experiments.
This key ambition of the DJINN CONFERENCE is tied to the provision of advanced tools for coupled aerodynamics-aeroacoustics to enable design optimisation in future industrial environments and to reach a new level of noise reduction through a highly collaborative effort – with the main innovative objectives targeting at industrial needs:

  • Increase the frequency range of simulations, whilst maintaining affordability and ability to capture the complex geometries representing the two aircraft configurations selected.
  • Predict under-wing jet-airframe interaction noise to within 1 dB accuracy.
  • Demonstrate a reduction of jet-airframe interaction noise peak level at low frequencies.
  • Reduce the turn-around time of high-order (CFD) approaches – like h-p refinement techniques for approaches such as Spectral Difference Methods (SDM) (mesh + simulation + post-processing).
  • Evaluate innovative high-fidelity simulation-method components (accelerators, alternatives to FWH, improved numerical schemes) including optimisation aspects.

The DJINN (Decrease Jet Installation Noise) initiative is an EU H2020 project coordinated by CFD-Berlin.

Call for (numerical and experimental) contributions

Contributions by participants are expected according to the listed topics:

  • Innovative noise reduction technologies including optimisation of designs.
  • ‘Design-to-noise’ capabilities for jet-airframe interaction noise of under-wing and rear-fuselage mounted engines at various flight regimes.
  • Near-field acoustic loads due to jet–airframe interactions
  • Jet-airframe interaction noise technologies including flow-control techniques for commercial aircraft.
  • Improved solvers, highly adapted meshes for complex geometries, improved processing of data (‘co-processing’), high-performance computing (HPC) to reduce wall-clock times.
  • Advanced low-fidelity modelling approaches to compare with high-fidelity CFD tools for ‘rapid-design’.

Invited Speakers

H. Xia (Loughborough University):
“Developing modelling and simulation techniques for high St jet noise.”

M. Azarpeyvand (University of Bristol):
‘An overview of jet noise research at the University of Bristol’

Test cases for conference participants

It is of importance for the DJINN project to interact with colleagues from outside the DJINN consortium. Therefore, at the DJINN CONFERENCE two test cases (both isolated and installed nozzle geometries) will be made available including comprehensive data sets for computation.
All obtained results will be gathered well before the second DJINN CONFERENCE - close to the end of the DJINN project, i.e. about 1.5 to 2 years after this first conference.
Please note that running a test case is NOT mandatory for registration.

The programme is available on the DJINN website: https://djinn.online/programme/.



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    Industrially Oriented Jet Noise Reduction Technologies

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